We started Stdiotogo because making videos was way too complicated.

Life is digital, communication completely interconnected and video skyrockets in social media, engagement, lasting memory effects and all that.

But making a movie good enough to represent a business still takes weeks to plan and produce.

Stdiotogo reduces production time to almost nothing, so that you can easily add video to your established ways of communication. It provides intro, storyboards, motion graphics, text, music rights and templates for your brand.

Browser-based, real-time, anywhere.

As long as your laptop is with you, you are all set.

“It’s always been a lie that it’s difficult to make films.”

– Lars von Trier

Teams work together in a consistent and branded environment. Content can be pushed out fast and at a cost that allows continuous and even real-time production.

Some of the people who love us are

  • HR professionals
  • CEO´s, who have gone from monthly employee letters to video messages
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations teams
  • Content marketing, social media and digital teams
  • Responsible for tutorials, product videos or employee training