Our solutions

Our solutions

Professional videos in minutes.

Upload, edit, save, share.


Quick & Easy

Make professional videos in minutes. Everything you need is ready for you: graphics, music, sounds, storyboards.

Just upload, edit, save, share and distribute.



Strong, consistent communication with tailor-made templates, motion graphics and storyboards. Develop and create new and build your own library, so all visual expression is consistent and strong.


Work flows

Stdiotogo is so easy to use, you won´t even realize it is something new. No learning curve, no warm-up period.

Video production now integrates with your workflows and business processes.

Just upload, edit, save, share and distribute.



Stdiotogo is a browser-based platform for different teams, regions and functions to work together. Everyone can upload, contribute material and create.


Real Time

Make videos while things are happening. Film, add images, add text, subtitles, voiceovers, music, sounds, newsclips. Stdiotogo is your gate to real time visual communication.


Office 365

If you have Microsoft Office 365, you are halfway there.  Just access stdiotogo through the video portal. We are already part of your system. Meet us here